Why Upgrade Your Access Control System

Why Upgrade Your Access Control System

When it comes to access control, many organizations tend to subscribe to the tenet of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”   However, in a world of fast evolving technology and escalating threats to security, this frame of mind is very risky.   One cannot remain passive and wait for things to happen before taking action. Read More

School Residence Hall Security

School Residence Hall Security

School Residence Hall security is a growing concern.  According to the US Department of Education website CSS (Campus Safety and Security), there was a reported 36,248 incidents of criminal offense on campuses in 2015,  based on 6,701 institutions with 11,306 campuses. Read More

access control on small business budgetAccess Control On Small Business Budget

Security is an important concern for any business. Big companies can afford to install the latest in access control technology. However, here’s good news for small business owners — state of the art access control is now also within reach for those with more limited budgets. Read More

Security Holes At The Office

Security Holes At The Office

There is an interesting article on Social Engineering called 5 Security Holes at the Office by Joan Goodchild featuring information on how they “poked around a secure building with social engineering expert Chris Nickerson and found several ways a criminal could get inside and access sensitive data.” Read More

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Tis the season to be ….. shopping.  As we approach one of the most intense periods of frenzied shopping starting with the Black Friday sales end of November, let’s talk of safety precautions to take when shopping, not just for the holidays but for always.  Here are some tips to protect yourself: Read More

Commercial Building Security Mistakes

Commercial Building Security Mistakes To Avoid

Because of the high influx of people, commercial buildings are vulnerable to security attacks and criminal activities.  When planning for and implementing a building security plan, there are 2 crucial considerations:

  • Protection of the building and all assets within from theft and damage
  • Safety of staff at all times

Read More

ABCs of Access Control System

ABCs Of Access Control

With threat to security being a constant concern, the quest on how to better control facility access is an ongoing process.  When talking access control, it is all about WHO, WHERE and WHEN.

Prior to the introduction of electronic access control systems, access control was enforced through keys and locks.  A person with a key could enter a locked door; and that is about as far as access control went.  There was no way to restrict access on specific times or dates; so long as a person possessed the key, they were in.  Read More

Mobile Phone As Access Credential

Mobile Phone As Access Credential

These days, a smartphone is more than just a phone – it’s a mobile office, an organizer, a music and movie player, a digital notepad, game console, camera , even a virtual wallet and much much more.  You could say it’s the swiss knife of gadgets.

Who would have thought that mobile technology would transform our lives in the way that it has already done from just 20 years ago? Read More

Tips for Building Security

10 Tips For Building Security

Threat to security is always a serious concern. The events of 9/11 brought heightened awareness on the importance of keeping commercial buildings safe and secure.  But just as there are advancements in security technology, criminals have equally become sophisticated and creative. Read More

Commercial Office Building Access Control System

Commercial Office Building Access Control Systems

One of the primary concerns that a business moving into an existing office space or building has, is security, or in other words, commercial office building access control.  Each business entity is unique in its security requirements – controlling access to restricted or sensitive areas, having areas accessible both to employees and visitors or granting access to cleaning crews or contractors. Read More

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

If you’re a fan of sci-fi thrillers, you surely know about facial recognition.  As early as 1985, we saw it used in the mid-80’s James Bond film, A View to a Kill, and in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 neo noir film, Minority Report, and in countless other movies.

From Sci-Fi to Reality

With great strides in technology, Facial Recognition has made a leap from science fiction to reality.  But what is it really and how does it work? Read More

Questions to ask

Questions To Ask When Choosing The Right Access Control System

An important part of choosing access control is understanding the questions to ask when choosing the right access control system for your facility. Controlling access to your facility is a vital part of helping protect your business from crime. To do this, you need to find an access control solution that fits your unique needs.

  • Who needs access to your facility?.
  • Do you need to receive after-hours deliveries or allow access to a regularly scheduled cleaning or maintenance crew?  Read More

Shopping Mall Access Control

Shopping Mall Security and Access Control Can Be A Challenge

Today, malls not only have shops; they also have restaurants and food courts, banks, theaters, professional offices and practically all services you can think of. Bigger shopping centers include service stations and full service amusement parks. Shopping has never been made easier and more efficient for both store owners and customers. Shopping Mall Access Control an be a challenge. Read More

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